About Our Association

Green Acres Civic Association represents every person in Green Acres in matters regarding the safety, maintenance, well-being, activities and enjoyment of our neighborhood.

The Civic Association is composed of neighborhood residents - volunteers who donate their time, expertise, and love of the neighborhood.

What's New

Massive Power Outage Community Wide

As a result of the July 15 community wide power outage, some residents lost more than just power for 2 days. At an emergency meeting of the GACA board and interested community members on Monday July 21, President Harriet Ainbinder suggested the following:

  • First, call your insurance company and report your losses.
  • Second, call the DP&L Customer Service number (800-375-7117 and ask to speak to a representative at the prompts) to submit a lost damage report. [Customer Service will contact Mr. Savage at DP&L claims].
  • Third: Send an email to both Harriet Ainbinder haza@verizon.net and Mary Rodgers rodge49@me.com with the following information.
  1. Your name
  2. Your address
  3. The name of your insurance company
  4. The approximate amount of your losses
  5. The amount of your insurance deductible

The board will send all of this information along with a very strong letter to DP&L suggesting that they hasten their review of the claims. We will point out to Delmarva that their response time was slow and there was a fire in the back yards, which resulted in a hazard to the nearby homes.

If you have a neighbor who does not get GACA e-mail and has suffered
damages, you might inform them of the above.

We will continue to track Delmarva’s response and we will ask them to come to another meeting to discuss this issue and to find out exactly what they plan to repair next year in their planned infastructure upgrades.

Monthly Meeting Time Changed to 7pm

The Green Acres Civic Assoc. Board of Officers has changed the monthly meeting time from 7:30pm to 7:00pm. Next meeting for the entire community is Monday November 10.

If you wish to attend the GACA board meetings for District Rep's held in September, January, and March, please contact President Harriet Ainbinder in order to find out what location the meeting will be held at. Click the Officers tab at left for contact information.