About Our Association

Green Acres Civic Association represents every person in Green Acres in matters regarding the safety, maintenance, well-being, activities and enjoyment of our neighborhood.

The Civic Association is composed of neighborhood residents - volunteers who donate their time, expertise, and love of the neighborhood.

What's New

Is That a UFO?

What is that strange looking structure?watertower

You may have heard the almost constant compressor noise the past couple of weeks. And, if you have driven down Grinnell, seen the new "arms" that have sprouted on the water tower. The water tower is being painted and part of that process is covering it while the surface is sand blasted.

Check on the progress when you have time...

New Email Editor

Our very capable and efficient email editor, Anne Murray, is on a temporary hiatus. Mike Curry has taken over her duties. You may email Mike at: Mikec1409@gmail.com with any urgent community news or requests.

Remember to update your address books to keep those important updates out of the spam folder.